Friday, 8 March 2013

Broadband returns to the Guam Public Library System Branches

On Friday, March 8, 2013, Senator Aline Yamashita and Speaker of the Guam Legislature Judi Won Pat hosted an reception to celebrate the return of broadband service to the branch libraries of the Guam Public Library System.  One Global Economy, through its work with the National Broadband Mapping Project, identified funding through ITE, the recipient of a 2010 Federal Grant with stipulations to supply services to community anchor institutions.  After six months of coordination, ITE agreed to provide the service.

L-R: Ed Cruz, director of Guam Bureau of Information Technology, Victor Torres, Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans, Carlos Camacho, ITE, and Daniel Calarco.

L-R Vince Leon Guerrero, Governor's Education Liaison, Evangenline Lujan, Director of Guam Coastal Managment BSP,  Daniel Calarco, Colin Richardson, Victor Torres, Lorilee Crisostomo, Director, Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans, Tom Quinata, Guam Coastal Management Program BSP.

L-R: Ed Cruz, Colin Richardson and Daniel Calarco.

L-R: Senator Aline Yamashita, Tanya Mendiola, Chief Analyst for Senator Aline Yamashita,  Lourdes Benavente, Guam Board of Education Member

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